ECE 424 / CS 463: Computer Security 2, Fall 2010

8/24Logistics & Basic Crypto Review(slides) (extra slides)
8/31Security Evaluation I(slides)
9/2Security Evaluation II
9/7DoS I(slides)
9/9DoS II(slides)
9/14DoS III(slides)
9/21Information Flow (Saman) (slides) (font)
9/23Policy (Saman) (slides)
9/28Privacy I (slides)
9/30Privacy II (slides)
10/5Digital Rights Management (slides)
10/7Midterm Project Presentations
10/12Digital Rights Management
10/14Digital Rights Management
Remote Attestation

10/19Remote Attestation
10/21Remote Attestation
Wireless Security (Anti-Jamming)
10/26Wireless Security (Anti-Jamming)
10/28Wireless Security (WEP and friends)
11/2Wireless Security (Location Verification)
11/4Access Control
11/9Secure Routing
11/11VoIP Security (Saman)
11/16Social Networks
12/2Project Presentations

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